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National Pingtung University (NPTU) was established on August 1, 2014, following a merger between the National Pingtung University of Education (NPUE, established in 1940) and the National Pingtung Institute of Commerce (NPIC, established in 1991). Since the merger, NPTU has come to focus on a variety of specialized fields, including teaching, management, computer science, and technology, all offered in one comprehensive university in Pingtung County.

The College of Management was formed during the above- mentioned merger, adapted from its former institution, the NPIC. In August 1991 the National Pingtung Junior College of Commerce was established. In its first year of operation, it admitted both two-year and five-year junior college students and comprised of four academic departments: Department of Business Administration, Department of International Trade, Department of Finance, and Department of Accounting. In its second year (1992), it established the Department of Real Estate Management. During this time the College only offered associate degrees.

Due to its excellent outcomes, in August 1998 it was upgraded and renamed the National Pingtung Institute of Commerce (NPIC). At the time, in addition to offering the above-mentioned departments– International Trade, Finance, Accounting, Business Management, and Real Estate Management – in 2000 it also established the Department of Leisure Management and began admitting students for two-year technical programs.

Subsequently, in 2001 it set up two new departments: the Department of Marketing and Distribution Management and the Department of Commerce Automation and Management. Moreover, its eight departments began admitting students for four-year technical undergraduate programs, and have gradually instituted a number of master's programs and special in-service degree programs. The NPIC offered both bachelor's and master's degrees.

Based on its 23 years of accumulated academic achievements, the College has the potential to become a first-rate, foreseeing institution in the years to come.

The objective of the merger was to create an even closer collaboration with university, government, society/school, and industry/international (UGSI). Through this endeavor, NPTU expects to emerge as a well-known international school of learning.