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Faculty Qualifications and Engagement



☛  Scholarly Academics (SA)

    - Sustain currency through scholarship and related activities.

    - Also granted to faculty who have earned research doctorates within the last 5 years.


☛  Practice Academics (PA)

    - Sustain currency through professional engagement, interaction, and relevant activities. Applies to faculty who augment their initial preparation as SAs with engagement activities linked to practice, consulting, etc.


☛  Scholarly Practitioner (SP)

    - Sustain currency through continued professional experience, engagement, interaction, and scholarship related to the professional background and experience.


☛  Instructional Practitioner (IP)

    For sustained IP status, professional engagement and interaction may include:

    - Consulting

    - Faculty internships

    - Continuing education or executive education programs

    - Professional work

    - Professional association participation

    - Service on boards of directors

    - Professional certifications in the area of teaching