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Certification Process




Ⅰ.  AACSB membership

Ⅱ.  Complete Eligibility Application (EA)

Ⅲ.  EA accepted throughout the year – reviewed by Committee four times per year

Ⅳ.  If accepted, a mentor is appointed and AACSB accreditation staff liaison assigned

Ⅴ.  Applicant conducts GAP analysis and submits Initial Self-Evaluation Report (iSER) to IAC for review (no later than two years following acceptance of EA)

Ⅵ.  Mentor updates IAC through visit reports on the progress toward development and submission of Iser

Ⅶ.  Mentor conducts on-site visit to identify and provide guidance concerning eligibility issues and standard deficiencies

Ⅷ.  If exclusion requests are questionable, requests are forwarded to the Initial Accreditation Committee for further discussion

Ⅸ.  Decision about scope and eligibility criteria are confirmed with applicant and mentor

Ⅹ.  IAC reviews iSER and can recommend:

  1. accept iSER with recommendation for move to initial accreditation or implementation of alignment activities

  2. request further revision and resubmission of iSER 

  3. withdrawal from accreditation process