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NPTU International Student Summer Camp 2017 Schedule of Events

NPTU International Student Summer Camp

Minsheng Campus at National Pingtung University

July 3-7, 2017

1. Goals

1-1. Enhancing relations between NPTU and sister universities in Southeast Asia

1-2. Developing participants’ understanding of Taiwanese culture and professional management

1-3. Expanding participants’ international learning opportunities.


2. Participants

2-1. 30 students from sister universities in Southeast Asia.

2-2. 10 students from NPTU

3. Expenses

3-1. No registration fee

3-2. Housing for this event is free

3-3. Dinner and airplane tickets are not covered by NPTU.

4. Important Notes

4-1. Suggestion for flight from Thailand to Taiwan on July 3rd:

Flight: China Airlines (CI840)

Departure: 18:35 Suvarnabhumi International, Thailand (BKK)

Arrival: 22:55 Kaohsiung International, Taiwan (KHH)

4-2. Suggestion for flight from Taiwan to Thailand on July 7th:

Flight: China Airlines (CI839)

Departure: 14:55 Kaohsiung International, Taiwan (KHH)

Arrival: 17:25 Suvarnabhumi International, Thailand (BKK)

4-3. “No smoking and No alcohol” is mandatory for staying in NPTU dormitory. All participants should follow the NPTU student dormitory regulation during the Summer Camp.

4-4. As part of the program requirement, all participants shall log on Facebook every day to share what they have learned and experienced during the Summer Camp. Two photos and one paragraph of sharing are required; the content shall be in English and the participants’ first language. The FB will be evaluated by the NPTU tutors daily, the top 3 FB sharing well be awarded in the closing ceremony.

A good example of sharing:

4-5. Students must carry their personal medicine, passport, health insurance card, and rain gear with themselves. For your own safety, please don’t carry too much cash with you.

4-6. If a typhoon strikes, activities will continue based upon whether the government allows school to be open.

5. Contact Information

Ms. Ting-Fei Chen

College of Management, National Pingtung University 

Tel: 886-8-7663800#32002


Fax: 886-8-7663800#32006


Ms. Ling-Hui Wu

College of Management, National Pingtung University 

Tel: 886-8-7663800#32001


Fax: 886-8-7663800#32006



Schedule of Events


July 3rd (Monday)


22:55 Pick up from Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH)



 July 4th (Tuesday)     

VenueDistance Learning and Microteaching Classroom / 1F / Instruction Technology Building


Sign in


Opening Ceremony


Session 1Business Overview

Dr. Wei-Non Shu




Session 2Wealth Management and Asset Allocation

Dr. Chung-Tsen Tsao



July 5th (Wednesday)


VenueDistance Learning and Microteaching Classroom / 1F / Instruction Technology Building


Sign in


Session 3Human Resource Development

Dr. Su-Fen Liu




Session 4Overview of Global Financial Market

Dr. Han-Min Hsing



 July 6th (Thursday)


Depart From NPTU to Tainan


Taiwan Culture TripAnping

Anping is located in Tainan, Taiwan. In March 2012, it was named one of the Top 10 Small Tourist Towns by the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan. We’ll visit the Anping Old Street which is the oldest streets in Anping District. While visiting the Anping Old Street, you will find lots of colorful sword-lions that are hung on these historical residences. A sword lion is hung on each residence as an identification of the resident as there was no address back in old days. The sword lions are designed in different sizes with diverse facial expressions and colors, in which the color of the sword lion represents the family’s position in the society. There are also a number of other historical sites in Anping District, including Anping Fort (Fort Zeelandia), Eternal Golden Castle (Yi Tzai Golden Castle), Anping Tree House, and Old Tait & Co Merchant House (Old De-Ji Merchant House) that are always recommended to visit for one’s Tainan travel.

Dr. Chi-Hsing Tseng

Dr. Lu-Feng Huang




Taiwan Culture TripGuan-Zih-ling

Tainan is a city South of Taiwan known for many things, and one of those is the Guanzihling Hot Springs. The Guanzihling Hot Springs is also called "The Best Spiritual Spring in the world." It's regarded as a natural source of beauty treatment. In Guanzihling, you’ll also find several historical destinations. There’s the Dasian Temple, the Biyun Temple, Lingding Park, Hongye Park, Haohanpo Hiking Trails and many others.

Dr. Chi-Hsing Tseng

Dr. Lu-Feng Huang



 July 7th (Friday)


VenueConference Room 3 / 4F / Wu Yu Building


Take pictures


Achievement Publication and Closing Ceremony


Depart From NPTU to Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH).


14:55 Take off at Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH)


Voice Play